Amy Shah
Chem 242
Extra Credit
This is the complete spectra of 2-pentanone.

Firgure 1.1

This would be the farthest methyl group from the carbonyl group. The hydrogens are normally around .9ppm and because of the CH2 group next to the group, there would be a triplet.

Figure 1.2

There is only a singlet ranging from 2.120 to 2.080ppm. This represents the hydrogens on the methyl group (carbon # 1) adjacent to the carbonyl group, C=O, because generally any hydrogen is that is in the adjacent carbon to the carbonyl group has the ppm of 2.1.

Figure 1.3

This represents the carbon #4. Typically in sp3 carbon- hydrogen bonds the ppm is around 1.6. Normally, with this carbon you would expect a triplet of quartets, however due to overlapping there are only six peaks seen.

Figure 1.4

This represents to –CH2 or carbon #3. This is because due to the fact it is right next to another –CH2, it would explain the triplet. Furthermore, because it is adjacent to carbonyl group the ppm ranges from 2.4-2.1, which is accurate.

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