Figure 1- Leucine,
((2S)-2-Amino-4-methylpentanoic acid)

Figure 2- H-NMR of L-Leucine (
(2S)-2-Amino-4-methylpentanoic acid)

Figure 3-
The peak at 4.80 ppm is representative of the solvent that was used to dissolve the Leucine in. This solvent negates the effects of OH as well as the NH2 groups. HDO replaces all the nitrogen and oxygens resulting in one large peak.


Figure 4- The peaks between .920ppm and .975ppm areindicative of the two H atoms on the third carbon. The two H groups on the third carbon act independently of each other due to the chiral carbon molecule. Both of the H atoms should interact as doublets of doublets of doublets. They interact with the H on the fourth carbon atom as well as the opposite H on the third carbon atom and the H atom of the second carbon. The figure above only appears as a triplet which is not what would be expected. There should be as many as 8 peaks visiblle.

Figure 5- The multiplet between 1.64ppm and 1.78ppm is indicative of the CH3 group on the fourth carbon, the three hydrogens on the fifth carbon and the lone hydrogen on the fourth carbon. Do to the chiral carbon at the second position the CH3 groups on the fourth carbon act as independent groups. Both of the CH3 groups appear as doublets due to the interactions with the H group on the fourth carbon. The H atom on the fourth carbon appears as quartets of quartets of doublets of doublets. The H interacts with both of the CH3 groups as well as the H groups of third carbon. The H atoms in these groups would usually appear between .9ppm to 1.5ppm but due to the desheilding of the oxygen groups the peaks have shifted.
Figure 6- This figure represents the Hydrogen atom attached to the second carbon atom. It's peak, as expected can be seen between somewhere between 3ppm to 4 ppm (3.7ppm-3.75ppm) due to the interactions with the NItrogen. Due to the interactions with Hydrogen atoms in close proximity doublets of doublets should be seen. You could interpret the image above as doublets of doublets, however it is not as clear as we would like it to be,