Qilong Han
Chemical: Ethanol
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Figure 1: HNMR Spectrum of Ethanol(C2 H6 O)

Figure 2: This singlet appears at approximately at 3.787 PPM. The alcohol group of the ethanol gave the signal at that location on the graph.

Figure 3: From approximately 3.530 to 3.600, the methylene splits into a quartet due to coupling between the methylene and the methyl group. In this first order spectrum, multiplicity follows the rule of n+1. ā€œnā€ represents the number of the same protons on the its neighbors. Since the methyl group has three equivalent protons, methylene has four peaks.
Figure 4: From approximately 1.09 to 1.13, the methyl group splits into a triplet due to coupling with the neighboring methylene group. Following the multiplicity rule, the methyl group appears as a triplet as a result of methylene group having two equivalent protons.

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