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Here are the PDFs for lectures not using Powerpoint and the content of each lecture.

Lecture 2: Wed Week 1 [Ch. 9 material, alkynes]
Lecture 3: Fri Week 1 PDF [Ch. 9 material, alkynes + Ch. 9 problem solutions]

Lecture 4: Mon Week 2: [Ch. 10 material, structure and synthesis of alcohols]
Lecture 5: Wed Week 2: [Ch. 10 and 11 material, alcohols and alcohol reactions]
Lecture 6: Fri Week 2: PDF [Ch. 10 problem solutions]

Lecture 7: Mon Week 3: n/a
Lecture 8: Wed Week 3: PDF [Ch. 10 and 11 problem solutions]
Lecture 9: Fri Week 3: PDF [Ch. 11 and 12 material]

Lecture 10: Mon Week 4: n/a
Lecture 11: Wed Week 4: PDF [Ch. 12 lecture notes starting with MASS SPEC.; Ch. 12 problem solutions]
Lecture 12: Fri Week 4: PDF [Review Session, TEST 1] [NOTE: the m4v and AVI files are clipped on page3 - but this is just a review session - there is no new information in this recording]

Lecture 13: Mon Week 5: PDF [Ch. 12 problem solutions]
Lecture 14: Wed Week 5: PDF [TEST 1 Makeup Review Session]
Lecture 15: Fri Week 5: PDF [Ch. 12 problem solutions; Ch. 13 lecture notes (NMR Spec.)]

Lecture 16: Mon Week 6: PDF [Ch. 13 lecture material (NMR Spec.)]
Lecture 17: Wed Week 6: PDF [Ch. 13 problem set]
Lecture 18: Fri Week 6: PDF [Ch. 13 problem set, continued]

Lecture 19: Mon Week 7: [Ch. 14 lecture material (Ethers, Epoxides, and Sulfides)]
Lecture 20: Wed Week 7: PDF [Ch. 14 problem set]
Lecture 21: Fri Week 7: [Ch. 15 lecture material (UV Spec)]

Lecture 22: Mon Week 8: n/a
Lecture 23: Wed Week 8: PDF [Ch. 15 problem set]
Lecture 24: Fri Week 8:

Lecture 25: Mon Week 9: PDF [Ch. 15 problems (continued); Ch. 16 lecture material (Aromatic Compounds)]
Lecture 26: Wed Week 9: PDF [Ch. 14 quiz question solutions; Ch. 16 lecture material]
Lecture 27: Fri Week 9: PDF [Test II Review Session]

Lecture 28: Mon Week 10: PDF [Ch. 16 problem set]
Lecture 29: Wed Week 10: PDF [Test II Makeup Review Session]
Lecture 30: Fri Week 10: PDF [Final class; Final Exam Review Session]

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