Chemistry extra credit
Interviews 8 total (6 facebook, 2 friendfeed)
Facebook interviews
April Stout- Is currently a student at Penn State Main Campus who is studing astrology and photography. She said that she is creating her own major in order to study the stars via photographs. She has taken 3 semesters of chemistry and joined facebook for the networking opportunities.!/ams5894?ref=ts
Laura Levan- Is currently attending the University of Notttingham studying to become a veterinary. She has taken several different chemistry class which she says has help her understand the different functions of the animal body.!/laura.levan?ref=ts
Ray Edwards- Is a retired teacher from Conrad Weiser High school. He used to teach a biotechnology class which is where he taught a small amount of chemistry to his students.!/
Dung Ha is currently a student at Drexel university. She is majoring in biology. she is currently taking Org chem. 2 and a chemistry lab. She is a sophomore and will be going on coop at a research lab in March.!/dungha?ref=ts
Bri Rubino- is currently a student at drexel university who is a biology major. She has taken several chemistry classes and is currently taking org. chem 2.!/profile.php?id=669025875&ref=ts
Kelesy Emanuel- is currently studing at TCNJ for education. However she was a nursing major who had to take several chemistry class before she changed her major. She said she changed her major because it was hard and she thought about if she really wanted to do this or not.!/profile.php?v=info&ref=ts&id=512855816
Friendfeed interviews
Binna Katie Ma- Binna goes to Drexel University majoring in Biology, she does not know yet if she wants to be pre-med or not. She is currently in an Organic chem. 2 class with a different professor. She has taken chem. 101, 102, 103 and organic chem. 1. She says that chemistry is hard but she understands why she needs to take it especially if she wants to go pre-med.
Christine Esterline- Is currently going to Delaware Valley University. She has taken several semesters of different chemistry and enjoys it when she gets it. She joined Friendfeed for a school project and does not know if she will continue to use it after her project is over.
Second life photos
All of these photos were taken in the ACS Interactive Museum.
This is a photo of the periodic table of elements.
This is a picture of the selection rule in chemistry.
This is a photo of the Sl-DNA
The following is a picture of penicillin.