Assignments from Winter09

Extra Credit: Up to 2% of your grade will be allocated for the extra credit assignment to be uploaded to this wiki. Pick a molecule on ChemSpider that has an NMR spectrum and explain it. A list of compounds with spectra is available here.

1) Cory's analysis of the NMR of cholesterol
2) HaeJi's analysis of the NMR of DOPAC
3) Lauren's Analysis of IR and HNMR Spectra for Aspirin
4) Erdene's analysis of the NMR of FAD
5) Zahf's analysis of the H NMR of Caffeine
6) Neeraj's analysis of the H-NMR of Valine
7) Vlad's Analysis of the H-NMR of Glutamine
8) Prasad's Analysis of the CNMR and HNMR spectra of Taurine
9) Vaishali's Analysis of NMR of Pyridine
10) Han's Analysis of NMR of Ethanol
11) Kathleen's Analysis of the H NMR of Boc Methionine
12) Shannon's Analysis: HNMR Spectrum of Pentan-2-one
13) Milos Ruzic's Analysis of the HNMR of alanine
14) Markiyan Doliba's 2-amino-3-hydroxy-propanoic acid
15) Parin's analysis of ethanal
16) Omkar's analysis of Benzaldehyde H-NMR
17) Nikul's HNMR Analysis of Pinacolone
Scott's H-NMR analysis of Glutamic Acid
19) Dave's analysis of NADPH NMR
20) Amy's analysis of 2-pentanone
21) Amanda Mollica's Analysis of PINACOLONE
22) Farah's analysis of the NMR of methyl propanoate
23) Steve's analysis of the NMR of 1-hydroxy-2-methoxy-4-allylbenzene
24) Roshni's analysis of 2-octanone
25) Mike Iannuzzi's HNMR Analysis of 1,1-Dichloroethane
26) Deepak Singh's analysis of propanal
27) Alex's analysis of acetaldehyde
28) Sabina's analysis of caffeine
29) Rob's Analysis of the H-NMR of Aderoxal
30) Kirill's Analysis of the H-NMR of Aspartic Acid
31) Laura's NMR Analysis of 4-methyl-2-pentanone
32) Mrugesh Patel's HNMR for 2-aminoacetic acid
33) Shane's analysis of kanamycin
34) Rachana's analysis of 2-pentanone
35) Andrew's analysis of leucine