Organic Chemistry II CHEM 242 at Drexel University.

Instructor: Jean-Claude Bradley

Students do not need to join this wiki to access the material.

This page is your starting point for the class. Think of this as a "table of contents" for the class resources. Aside from the 2% extra credit assignment, the only factor that will come into play to determine your grade is how you do on the 2 tests and final exam. Everything else is there to help you learn and make the process as smooth as possible. Take some time to familiarize yourself with what is available and don't hesitate to ask for clarification on any items.

This course is structured to maximize teacher/student face to face time. If you cannot physically attend the workshops be sure to make arrangements with the instructor for other ways to interact. Some of the material in the course is quite challenging and students who don't participate in workshops tend to not do well on the tests.

After the introductory lecture, class time will be used in a mixed lecture and workshop format. If you missed a class make sure to watch the archived lectures, do the problems and come to class prepared to discuss and work on topics where you need clarification. If you feel you have mastered everything, you can work on your extra credit assignments and additional more advanced problems. We'll also have contests with prizes to further practice the class material. Bring your laptop - this is the easiest way to work out the technical aspects of this class. If you cannot attend workshops, emailing attachments of your work has worked well in the past.

  1. Syllabus
  2. Content
  3. FAQ
  4. BBVista for quizzes, tests and final exam (demo account use chemguest, password education)-Use IE - there are problems with Firefox and BBVisa
  5. Test Info
  6. Spectral Game Top Scores
  7. Other Textbooks and Resources
  8. Lecture Archive (and problem set) (problems with viewing m4v? - try VLC )
  9. Extra Credit Option