CHEM 242

instructor: Jean-Claude Bradley

Course goals and objectives: This is an intermediate course of organic chemistry. Particular attention will be given to the synthesis and reactivity of alkynes, alcohols, ethers, epoxides, sulfides and Grignard reagents. IR, UV, MS and NMR spectroscopy will also be covered. This course will provide the needed background for the more advanced Organic Chemistry course CHEM 243. For a list of the material covered see the content page.

Resources: Textbook: Solutions to problem sets from Wade (Organic Chemistry, Ed. 5) are available only to students registered in the class via WebCT. Links to online textbooks and resources for specific content are provided on the resources page. Also make use of the search box at the top of the main page.

Grading: 2 1 hour exams 2 x 100
final 200
total 400
(note: extra credit of up to 2% will be added to the total before applying the curve)

Make-up test policy: Tests, quizzes and exam will be available on WebCT. Location and times of testing are specified from the testinfo page. Quizzes will be available for each chapter but will not count towards the final grade. Make-up tests will be available on WebCT but will consist of additional questions without additional time. The better score between the test and make-up will be used.

Lecture archives: All of the lectures (theory and problem solutions) are already recorded and immediately available in multiple formats (m4v video ipod format, mp3, pdf and ppt). See main wiki page for links.

Grading Policy:
Tests will be curved and numerical to letter scores will be provided after testing periods are over to get an idea of where you stand in the class. Note that the final letter grade that you get at the end of the class will be the result of the calculation of the number grades, as described above.